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Start your Advanced Online practice here.

Want to work on your vocabulary?
Take a look at the Vocabulary Tab for advice on reviewing and recycling what you've done in class.
    Remember, it's more important to use the words than simply learn them. Interacting with another student before or after class is one way to try to activate new language.

    Make sure you have good clear records in your notebook.

    Doing some Writing Exam homework?
    Use the Exam A-Z column on the left or you can search by task type. We suggest look at one post only for each homework you do - don't try to use them all at the same time!

    Linking Words and Formal Writing are good for reviewing things you can use in various exercises. 

    Want to practice Use of English?
    Click below for our UoE activities and links

    NEW Use of English on Quizlet
    Part 1

    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    437 Examples:

      Want to review the Speaking Test?
      Head for the tab next to this one - CAE Speaking Test
      NEW Oct 2017
      There's a whole minisite of material here.

        Listening Practice
        Click on the Listening Tab above for a selection of activities.
        Follow this link for detailed advice on the listening test.
        NEW Oct 2017
        A whole page guiding you through the Advanced listening.

        Reading Practice
        NEW Oct 2017
        Lots of advice for the Reading Exam can be found here.
        We've created a walkthrough of a method to answer Part 6 of the Reading & Use of English test.
        You can find reading tests (including two examples of Part 6) here

        Posts Summary
        More useful links:

        Specific Writing Activties

        Want to see how you're doing?

        Look for the Test Yourself logo to find exercises to help you review what you need for the exam.