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NEW - PET/B1 Hub

Bringing together new `posts and advice for Cambridge Preliminary (PET) you'll now find a PET/B1 Hub on the navigation menu.

PET Listening


First: Linking Expressions

Remind yourself about linking words.

PET Speaking

Samples for the four different sections:

Part 1
Flo Jo
Part 2
Flo Jo
Part 3
Flo Jo
Part 4
Flo Jo

Proficiency Listening Practice

VIsit the updated Listening Page for two new activities to help you practice your skills and prepare for the exam tasks if you need to.

FCE and CAE Planning

Planning Tips
Phrases to start informal letter paragraphs, including It was ? to hear from you I’m sorry to ?
7 pieces of advice for all your writing - what? is king
- obey what?
- be the what? not "a student"
- write to whom?, not (usually) the teacher
- make it look right from where?
- Ex-?
- use what intelligently?

Synomyms Hope/b---/tr--- Shocked/disa---- Matter/sub---- Ask/req___
Advice for formal letters What are some of the magic words for making your paragraphs flow? "Answer me, then we can organise our trip." In an informal letter? Abbreviations "BTW" and emoticons ";-)" Appropriate? "Kisses" Nice or nasty?

PET Test Practice


Advanced and Proficiency Writing Correction Activity

Click to view the .ppt

Can you see the pros and cons of the various extracts?

Feedback will be added here soon.

PET Speaking

Thinking about PET Speaking?

Go here for some advice:

Introducting the test
Exam English