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End of Term - Look Back & Forward

Happy Holidays!

It's been a busy term. Over the holidays, take a few minutes one day and think about:


Review your writing homework from Term 1- make a list of your biggest successes.Write a list of reminders: "I need to check...", "I need to include..."
Use of English

Review your Use of English. Which part of the exam is your best one?Which do you need to do more work on?
Vocabulary Take some time to read, watch and listen to any English you can during the holidays. Every little helps. Start with a song at the bottom of this post!
Reading & Listening

As above, take a look at the question types you've tried - work out your weaker ones. Take a look at workbook exercises. You should find examples online too. We probably have some links if you look through our A-Z.Speaking Youtube has lots of Speaking tests to take a look at to remind yourself what to do (and not do!) in the tests. Review a couple!
Your progress
Compare your marks from the start of term to th…

Reading Skills Practice for First

Go here for an exercise about Skimming and Scanning.

Proficiency Speaking

The BBC's 60-second archive. Ideas and practice for your long-turn.

Link here.

Advanced - Article Writing Exercises

From One Stop English, here's lots of excellent practice material on article writing.

CAE Leaflet Week: Practice Planning!

Now's your chance to put to work what you have seen - on page three of this PDF are three exam questions. Spend five minutes planning one or more using the intstructions below and post your ideas here if you want us to comment!
-Decide who is the target audience/reader and what is the formality level? -Explain what the reader should have/know/be given/do next at the end of reading your piece -Decide how many paragraphs you would write and their functions, with some language examples -List the vocabulary topic area(s) and some examples, with synonyms where/if possible
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