Linking Words Quiz

Below are 15 questions about linking words. Print this page out and spend 15 minutes working on it. Be ambitious and try it without using your books..

  1. For with which word is the same as for example?
  2. Which four word expression do you use to give emphasis to two things? Clue: "NOBA"
  3. What's a difference between Besides and Furthermore?
  4. Do you know a synonym for Furthermore starting with M?
  5. There are four expressions starting with In that you can use to summarise. How many do you know?
  6. What's the opposite of the former?
  7. What's the difference between because of and because?
  8. How many synonyms for because do you know?
  9. Can you think of two alternatives to So?
  10. How many alternatives to But do you know?
  11. What's the difference between In spite of and despite?
  12. What's the difference between although and despite?
  13. What changes do you have to make if you use however in place of but?
  14. Can you use nevertheless?
  15. Can you use unlike?
Go here to check your answers (which are in the same order as the questions) on this page from English at Home. Ask your teacher if you have doubts.