Do it yourself, Use of English

Practice for Part 2 of FCE, CAE and CPE. You can now make your own exercises - and, ideally, share them with your classmates.

1 Find a section from a suitable article. Aim for about 200-250 words. Try to make sure it ends at a logical point (ie the end of a paragraph).
2 Copy from the webpage. You might need or want to check you have the text you want by pasting into an application like Word.
3 Go to here 
4 Paste in your text.
5 Choose a level: one word in 12 is best.
6 Print or save as PDF.


  • There's no level, as such - use this technique to practise understanding a text with gaps and filling spaces logically.
  • The words are selected at random, not specifically as they are for the exams.
  • The software doesn't distinguish between contractions or punctuation.