Advanced & Proficiency: Movie Review

Here's our review of the a James Bond film.  Might give you some ideas for your own work!

Better than 007 out of 10? 
A jolly good Bond film scoring 8/10 with ease for me. Easily my favourite since Goldeneye, maybe The Living Daylights. Many years ago I read a Bond review in a magazine, where the writer said he'd love to see something different from Bond - like have him carry out an investigation in London, for instance, but there's no way it'd ever happen, what with the need forrproduct placement and so on. That author has pretty much got his wish and it worked very well. 

It feels like Bond, looks like Bond and sounds like Bond to me. About 1 second into the film there's something that tells you exactly what the tone of the movie is, puts a big smile on your face, and from there on it's almost all great stuff, doing something interesting and different, yet also familiar. Absolutely loved the tiny little touches ("For her eyes only") which are proper Bond film things and showed the director really knows his stuff. 

The only time it felt a tiny bit slow was in the Bond-doing-the-tests bit, and, for the character, it's odd they've jumped from callow new boy in Casino Royale to old warrior so quickly. I thought the new MI6 team looked good, and like the idea of them all having earnt their stripes in front of each other in this movie. I'm never going to think Daniel Craig is quite right, as he doesn't seem to be quite as comfortable with the humour as the action and darker character work, but in a film as good as this I can pretty much overlook it.  

I'd consider going to see it again if I had a spare couple of hours. What better recommendation can I give?


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