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First: Articles

Visit this page for some great examples of students' writing work.

Proficiency - Proofreading Practice

Friday becomes Tuesday - Our apologies for the delay!

Check your writing! If you're doing h/w soon, see if you're proofing skills are up to scratch:

Advanced - Reading Part 1

Go here for some extra practice. 

Proficiency Use of English Part 1

Multiple Choice Cloze

Try out another example of the Reading-Use of English exercise from unit 1 of the coursebook, (based on the longer format of the 2012 exam) here.

Advanced Use of English Part 4

Extra practice of the always challenging Part 4:

You can find plenty more navigating the links on the page.

First - Use of English Part 2

Here's a link to some in-depth practice and advice on the task type in Unit 1.

Proficiency: Formality & Informality

Go to this link for some useful exercises to get you thinking about different registers of English: