Formal English - 10 points to correct and think about

Extracts from formal writing homework - comments follow below. Note that all of them contain good along with things to work on. Add comments or ask questions as you wish. (To add comments you need to click on the title and open this post in a new window)

2. some points which I think are not true[m2] in your article
3. I would like to draw up your attentionü [to…..] [m3] in order to voiceü my disappointment with the article publishedü in the local newspaper recently
4. must disagree[m4] whith your version of events
Dear Sir,
6. My name is Joseph Martin Smith[m6] and I am a member of the
8. If you want[m8] we are going to be very proud to share with you these information
10. it was really disappointingü the way you critic[m10] our event

[m2]Much too strong

[m3]You need an object.

[m4]OK; as longas you want to sound angry


[m6]Please Ask.

[m7]I think the newspaper is more justified to call their lawyers!


[m9]Not very friendly!

[m10]WO/G – a shame as that’s a very nice first para-

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