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Advanced: Formal vs Informal Writing

Language for Letters and Emails
Language for Formal and Informal Email and Letters. Take a look at this page on Alex Case's website

Can you do the exercise that Alex Case has designed? You might want to print the page out to look at it more carefully and write notes.
First, decide if the phrases are formal or informal. Make a list of new phrases in your vocabulary section or notebook. You can scrolldown the page for Alex’s comments.
Second, think about exactly what they mean. Are you familiar with the phrases like you’re a star, and give me a belland vocabulary like to pop, toland someone in it and a wee bit tricky?
Third, you can post your guesses, answers or comments here via the comment button on our Facebook page.
Finally, try to use a couple of them in your homework.

First - Writing Samples: Informal Letter

Informal Letter/Email to Review Take a look at this letter. We`ve indicated some positives and corrections. What do you think  of it? You might find some language you'd like to use yourself. Dear Megan:Things are as good as always! Last night I went to a fancy dress party, and I dress up[m1]ü like an Egyptian girl. I will send you all the pictures I tookü that night!! It was one of the best nights ever, you should have been there!üHow are things going there?ü It has been a long time since we haven’t talk[m2], its good to hear again from [m3]you! So you have to tell me many t[m4]hings, like how Sean and you broke up?
My mother has told me that I can go to your house [m5]on July!! So we have to plan many things that we are going to do thenü and you have to help me [to] choose which clothes I am taking. Oh and my mom have [m6]told me that you can come with us to[m7] a Mediterranean cruise we’re going ^ from the 12th of august[m8] until the 30th of the same month!! Please convince üyour …