First - Writing Samples: Informal Letter

Informal Letter/Email to Review
Take a look at this letter. We`ve indicated some positives and corrections. What do you think  of it? You might find some language you'd like to use yourself.
Dear Megan:Things are as good as always! Last night I went to a fancy dress party, and I dress up[m1] ü like an Egyptian girl. I will send you all the pictures I tookü that night!! It was one of the best nights ever, you should have been there! üHow are things going there? ü It has been a long time since we haven’t talk[m2] , its good to hear again from [m3] you! So you have to tell me many t[m4] hings, like how Sean and you broke up?
My mother has told me that I can go to your house [m5] on July!! So we have to plan many things that we are going to do thenü and you have to help me [to] choose which clothes I am taking. Oh and my mom have [m6] told me that you can come with us to[m7] a Mediterranean cruise we’re going ^ from the 12th of august[m8] until the 30th of the same month!! Please convince üyour mom to let you come, it will be so much funny[m9] , I count on you!![m10] Lots of love:[m11] Carolina.

You can read the comments and corrections by highlighting the text below.

Comments: (highlight to read)
A safe 6/10. You complete the question well, and manage to put in a few nice expressions. Add more and above all, make sure that the grammar of the verbs is consistently correct to push the level higher.



[m5]wouldn’t “visit you in England” sound better?

[m10]Doesn’t quite work – would be OK in the continuous


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