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Over the last century people’s lifes have completely changed<!--[if !supportAnnotations]-->[m1]<!--[endif]--> upside down. This is due to, above all, [the existence of] electricity.

Nowadays, it has become crucialü for every single activity we do, since<!--[if !supportAnnotations]-->[m2]<!--[endif]--> doing the shopping, or takingü a warm bath; even when we are sleeping we relay on the alarm clock to go offü and make us start a new day on time. If electricity didn’t exist, life would be totallyü different.
First of all, we would have to adapt our lives to sunlight, reducing working time from eight to five hours in winter. And, asü we wouldn’t have anything to do from sunset to dawn, we could sleep at least 9 hours every day!!

When it comes toü leisure time, we could only do outdoor activities, such as running, strollingü, or going out with our friends. We had to learn how to survive<!--[if !supportAnnotations]-->[m3]<!--[endif]--> without mobile phones, video games and gossip programmes on TV.... Can you imagine?? We wouldn’t have to put up with them anymore!

Regarding work, we wouldn’t have to spend so many hours in front of a computer / machine / whatever, as lots of people do. It would all boil down to (oooh!) just one thing: getting food. Fishing and hunting would take the most of our time, which might sound a bit hazardousü... especially for men! But of course, women would only be in charge of collecting mushrooms and plants in the forest all day, strolling and talking to one another. (a substitute for the gossip programmes….?)

For all these reasons, you’ll have to agree with me when I say life would be much better without electricity! Of course, there wouldn’t be any security, medicine for diseases, or even clothes, but ... who cares??

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A terrific piece of work. To be honest, I can’t find much wrong with it (although I think a bit more hypothetical would be appropriate in two of the underlined places). We shall say 8/10, but that’s my conservative nature. I really think it’s at least 8/10.

[m2]such as, surely?
[m3]Get by

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  1. Good material! Worth checking by future CAE takers.


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