First: A TV review

Here's an First-level review that reaches a pass level - perhaps you can learn something from it.

Write a review of a TV program me you've seen recently for your school magazine.

120-180 words


I recently saw an episode of a very famous science fiction TV program which is call Doctor Who. It is set in England. It has been made into a really good film in its category.

It’s the story of Sally Sparrow, In this episode this adj woman tries to discover what happens with the statues of the angels. The adj mistery of the adj weeping angels is probably that they translate[m1]  people to the past with the look, because one day sally[m2]  see[m3]  a letter of her best friend saying that she has travelled to the past.

My main criticism of the serie[m4]  is the special effects, that were leaving much to wish[m5] . Nevertheless, the scripts are really elaborated, and the adj doctor has a very good sense of humor.

To sum up, I enjoyed this serie[m6]  because the plot is very interesting and keep me looking at the screen. I’d recommend this program to everyone who likes sciene fiction or scary series.

Pretty good, but you needed to integrate the comments more and take more care in checking your work.







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