Advanced: A TV review

A sample writing for you to take a look at and learn from the mistakes!

Write a review for your school website about two TV shows you've seen recently.

220-260 words

The first one, named Dr Who, is a British science fiction television programme, launched in 1963 and produced by BBC. The lead character is The Doctor, a kind of strange man who is able to travel in the[m2]  space and in the[m3]  time thanks to a blue police box called TARDIS. The last chapter[m4] , which has reached an incredible height of popularity, depicts the history of a young woman pursued by some unrealistic weeping statues. The lack of spectacular special effects, so frequent in the current scripts of TV and cinema, is widely supplied [m5] by the surprisingly frightening scenes.

Beside the former, there is an absolutely different TV programme , The Boarding School, that has also became extremely popular among young people. It first appeared as a family series only a few months ago and so far it has reached very high viewership levels. The main characters of this series are a group of students who live in a boarding school where some strange things happen. However the relationships among students and teachers are, by far the most  attractive features of this programme.

So, which of this two TV programmes should I recommend? [m6] While The Doctor is original and thrilling, The Boarding School is amazing and more actual[m7] . But do not worry, with any luck you will be able to watch both series…if you have two televisions.

A title? I think I go for 4/10 as you don’t really give quite enough opinion on the second show – and the first paragraph is good English but not really related to the question.

A big positive though is there is generally excellent vocabulary and organization. I like the conclusion a lot!

 [m1]OK,. But get on with the review!

 [m2] x

 [m3] x

 [m4] v

 [m5]I know what you mean but the vocab doesn’t quite work

 [m6] Good!

 [m7] v/=

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