First and Advanced: Informal Letters

Feedback from recent homework

Things to take care of informal letters. Think about why.
  1. First sentences should - what?
  2. Three dots at the end of a sentence - good or bad?
  3. What are some of the magic words for making your paragraphs flow?
  4. Imperatives. "Answer me, then we can organise our trip." Informal?
  5. Abbreviations "BTW" and emoticons ";-)" Appropriate?
  6. Final sentences should - what?
  7. What's white space for?
  8. "Look(ing) forward to +?"
  9. "Kisses"
  10. Make a list of items to check in your final 5 or ten minutes.

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  1. Look to use a mix of direct and indirect questions. "Can you tell me/remind me/let me know" are very good variations, but you have to be careful with the word order at the end - it's not a question!


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