uestions for planning

Here's a recent whiteboard related to planning your writing.

Remember to try to be as specific as possible with the consequences that come from your answers to the questions.

Here's an example if it was, for instance, an email to Sally about your holidays:

Q1 . Who´s it for? My friend, Sally.

> So it's informal
>> So I start with something like "Hi Sally!"
>>> So I finish with "Write soon!"
>>>> Just before that I probably need something like "Keep in touch" or "Let me know"
>>>>> I probably need something like "Thanks for the email" at the start too.
>>>>>> I need to remember it's informal when I express other functions (asking for things, apologising perhaps) and in my vocabulary.

Do the same for questions 2 to 4 and question 5 is the total of 1 to 4, pretty much.

Good luck!