Help with writing Reviews

Some general advice from Las Rozas teachers about writing a review:

Remember the usual elements -

- answer the exact question
- think about the style, format and presentation
- decide carefully on your number of paragraphs

You'll also need some more specialist language too - specifically:

- some language for opinions
- descriptive words
(for example suitable adjectives and adverb+adjective combinations)
- specialised vocabulary for films, books or whatever
For example, do you know which words here are for which media?

Soundtrack, chapter, script, screenplay, plot, titles, set, location, scenery, star., co-star..

To help a little, there's nothing wrong with taking ideas from the net, so here are a couple of places to look for reviews that are not too colloquial (which many magazines and websites are). - just look for comments on almost anything - from cds and movies to hairdryers and food mixers! - specialist (and longer) movie reviews

Remember - when you write, you can use the net for ideas. But, DO NOT copy chunks of text - you lose marks if we think your work is not original enough.