First: Writing a Story

Story writing in 180 word is a challenge. Amongst other things, you need to think about

  1. - Am I writing first or third person? (It may depend on the question).
  2. - Should I use a formal or informal tone?
  3. - What kind of linking words do I need?
  4. - Which vocabulary is the target?
  5. - Which grammar is the target?
  6. - Which vocabulary will impress?
Here's one:
"I had never felt so nervous before in my life...!"
Write your story (around 120-180 words).
What do think would be the answers to 1-6 above?

Here are our answers to the points above - (roll over to see them)
  1. First person
  2. Probably informal - it sounds like an anecdote.
  3. As a result, lots of informal linking - avoid long ones like furthermore/nevertheless
  4. Past tenses (note the option to go into reported speech and third conditional or wish)
  5. words connected to nervous
  6. Phrasal Verbs, as always
For ideas and inspiration you could do worse than take a look at some minisagas. Visit the British Council's mini-saga website. Mini - sagas - stories - central - British Council - LearnEnglish.